Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization? | Arty
July 26, 2022 - 3D Product Viewer

Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization?

Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization?

In a recent study, it has been found that almost 60% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because they were just browsing. The main reason for that is that they need more information about the products before committing to purchasing something. Most people do their research on the product which they tend to buy, but they stated that the lack of information and poor presentation of the product make them give up on purchasing.

Nowadays, in an eCommerce world, the visual presentation of the products plays a key role in customers' journey. People gravitate toward product visuals that will help them make the right choice when it comes to online shopping. Online shopping requires more interaction between the product and the customer.

The key solution is implementing a 3D Product Viewer that will bring your products to life. We have listed 3 reasons why customers are frustrated over poor product visuals and how their experience can be improved by using ARTY 3D Product Viewer.

Not Enough of the Product

Traditional product presentations have great limitations. Apart from having high-quality photographs, traditional presentations will not convey what is in the essence of your product.

The traditional way of displaying products requires much more resources and is more time-consuming than this new way which is modern and up-to-date. Customers want to see the product from every angle in order to be convinced to purchase it. ARTY 3D Product Viewer allows your customers to see and rotate the product from any desired angle. It has the option to zoom in and out, so they can see every product up close and its details. This will give them the impression of what the product actually looks like.

Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization?

Lack of Customization Features

If you offer your customers products that can be customized, they expect you to offer them the possibility to customize the product according to their desires. That is not that simple with traditional photography. Traditional way of product presentation is limited to a range of different photographs, but ARTY 3D Product Viewer goes further. It gives the possibility to change the features of the product and customize it as desired.

Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization?

Actual Product Size

When shopping online it can be tricky to imagine the actual size of the products. This is especially important when it comes to furniture purchase and interior design. When you want to buy some piece of furniture online, you want to see if the piece will fit into the room as you imagined and if it goes with the rest of the room's surroundings. To have a physical shopping experience, AR implemented in 3D Product Viewer, can help you with your doubts. The AR technology shows you the product like it is just right in front of your eyes. You can get a sense of how the product fits into your space and therefore ensure to purchase it.

Why are customers frustrated over poor product visualization?

It doesn’t matter the type of products you sell, you should always offer visuals that enhance the customer experience. Using 3D visualizations for products can give retailers the ability to truly impress customers and encourage more sales.

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