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October 6, 2021 - About

Who we are

Arty - Immersive customer experiences

ARTY. is a mixed reality studio that combines technology and reality to create immersive experiences. Stationed in Belgrade and Paris, we effectively support companies from all industries and all over the world to help them build a competitive advantage with break-through technology. Our vision is to develop the best technology solutions for our clients while keeping them creative and human. No matter how technically advanced the solution is, first of all, it needs to be simple for use, intuitive and solve the exact problems of clients. That is why all of our product and services, no matter how exceptional are, can be used effortlessly by anyone.

We are Arty. We use the power of AR and 3D to create immersive customer experiences.

What do we do? Our team consists of IT professionals and highly skilled 3D artists. Together, they join forces to come up with unique solutions. That creates a perfect balance of artistry and high technology. By combining their skills, we came up with a new approach to the existing problems and unexpected solving results. This represents our core belief that creativity and innovations lie in a constant urge for improving results and making new paths. The result is a variety of products and services we provide:

  • Mixed Reality - where the real world and digital elements are brought together
  • Virtual Reality - fully immersive solutions, which tricks senses into thinking one is in a different environment or world apart from the real world
  • Augmented Reality - overlaying digital information on real-world elements
  • 3D design - a full range of supreme-quality 3D services which include modelling, rendering, animation etc; that interpret everyone’s ideas and bring life to it
Arty - 3D model preview

Where are we headed? The border between the virtual and real world continues to break down, providing breathtaking experiences that are reshaping every industry. Imagination and reality have never been so intermingled and our goal is to make those technologies accessible to almost every business, no matter how big or small. We’re excited and challenged by opportunities to express ourselves or advance new ideas through hi-tech solutions and services.

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