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February 24, 2022 - Rendering

What to Look For When Considering 3D or AR

What to Look For When Considering 3D or AR

Choosing to show your products in 3D or using AR (augmented reality) is a big step for any company. In the process of choosing which vendor to purchase the desired products from, there are certain things you look for, such as reputation, quality of work, and experience. The same goes for choosing a 3D visualization company to work with.

3D and AR solutions have changed the way many industries work; from real estate and furniture stores to fashion and accessories companies. All of the companies from these fields have gained a lot by switching to 3D, mostly because the customers gain more trust in their products

These components provide an amazing user experience, and because of that, they are something you should definitely embrace. Therefore, we are giving you some pointers for what you should look for in the process of choosing 3D or AR solutions.

1. Know Your Partner

As you probably know, reputation is everything. Having a good reputation among peers is what can make your brand accel and stand out in the crowd.

When choosing a 3D company to work with, a company with a reputation for excellence is what you are after. This includes:

  • 3D standards compliance
  • 3D that is easy to update and use
  • Real-time renderings with the highest quality
  • Attention to detail

All of these are of equal importance for a customer who is browsing your website. Whether you are in retail, fashion, or furniture, offering spotless and fast renderings is what can make or break a purchase. Not to mention if the client has the ability to modify the product - wow. Therefore choosing a 3D product configurator that delivers fast, real-time renderings with the best colors, and details, is exactly what you need.

What to Look For When Considering 3D or AR

2. High-Quality Details

Product should be represented in the best light possible. Using nothing but the best visuals of your products wastes not just your time, but your money and possible future. Choosing a 3D visualization provider that cares about your products is of utmost importance.

In showcasing your product, details such as material, color, and finish are what sets you apart from the competition. And your 3D visualization provided should deliver just that.

Although there are many cheap and knock-off 3D configurators, think if they represent what you and your brand stand for? Are the colors good, is the material right?

Your 3D visualization provider should cover all of those questions and showcase your product in the right light.

3. Scale Together

Visuals sell. Whether it is a small product, such as makeup or perfume, or a big one such as furniture, having the best 3D company that can easily and quickly create more visuals for your website is what will give you a competitive edge.

It is important to keep in mind that a 3D company with experience and an excellent reputation can be a bit pricey, but they offer quality, experience, and they can perfectly adapt to your and your customers’ needs. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the 3D company you work with can scale up its workload as your company grows and empower your customer experience on your website

What to Look For When Considering 3D or AR

4. Choose the Right Platform

There are many 3D visualization tools out there and it is easy to lose yourself and pick the wrong one. Especially if you use platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, or Salesforce.

The 3D company you chose to work with should offer seamless integration with the platform you use. Choose a 3D visualization platform that works well with others and seamlessly integrates with your website.

Bottom Line

With a 3D company as your partner, you can grow your business easily. It is essential to take time and carefully choose the right company to work with.

By choosing a well-experienced, reputable company such as Ar-ty as your 3D visualization partner, your business can skyrocket in a short period of time and attract new clients.

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