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August 8, 2022 - E-commerce

These 3 Online Businesses Really Need a 3D Configurator

These 3 Online Businesses Really Need a 3D Configurator

Integrating a 3D configurator can be a real game-changer for any online retailer and especially for those looking for a way to freshen up their e-commerce websites and the way they approach potential customers.

With the huge growth of online shopping and visual technology, the use of the 3D configurator has become a must-have for these three businesses; it is a great tool for building trust and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

1. Furniture Stores

3D configurator is a crucial part of the furniture and interior/exterior design industry, mostly because 3D configurators can work as virtual showrooms. With the elimination of having to go to a physical showroom, where a customer can see generic products, the 3D configurator offers full control over the product selection. With a 3D configurator, customers can fully customize their furniture and precisely see what they are getting. They can also display the guaranteed price which helps customers make a decision knowing that there won’t be any hidden fees.

With high-quality configurators, such as the Arty 3D configurator, customers get to modify colors, sizes, materials, as well as shapes. This can make a huge difference in making final decisions, and being able to offer your customers a great, online experience can easily translate into sales.

Furthermore, using AR in the combination with a 3D configurator gives customers the ability to place the product in their home and see how it would fit in with the surroundings. In this scenario, the customer gets to effectively try the product before making a purchase.

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These 3 Online Businesses Really Need a 3D Configurator

2. Automotive Industry

When it comes to purchasing a car everyone wants to make sure that they get exactly what they were looking for, especially now since the demand for personalized items has skyrocketed.

With the use of technology, the automotive e-commerce industry is finally ready to meet the demands of customers. With the use of a 3D configurator, a customer is able to personalize their dream car in a matter of minutes. From choosing a specific color and materials to customized features such as brake calipers, rims, or even the interior design of the car. The possibilities are endless.

3. Luxury Retailers

The signature move of luxury retailers is the "try before you buy" option. Even though this was reserved only for in-store shopping, with the use of 3D configurators this option is now available even for e-commerce stores.

Essentially, 3D configurators allow customers to fully see and visualize the product - from color to material. They get to virtually move the product around, customize the product and with the use of AR even place the product in their homes. It is also possible to change the lighting and see how the product would look like in different surroundings.

These 3 Online Businesses Really Need a 3D Configurator

Integrating a 3D Configurator

More and more customers are looking for trustworthy products as well as businesses. With the use of a 3D configurator as well as AR, you are able to connect and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

On top of that, integrating a 3D configurator and AR in your e-commerce website gives you a competitive edge - making sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

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