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March 8, 2022 - E-commerce

How 3D is Transforming the Furniture Design Industry

How 3D is Transforming the Furniture Design Industry

In the last several years, 3D has changed the way we look at and experience the furniture design industry. It has enabled us to see how the product will look before it is even manufactured and with the use of AR place it in our surroundings.

With that being said, many businesses are opting for the use of 3D and AR experience; from furniture store giants such as IKEA to small retailers. Therefore, you might ask yourself what are the reasons for such huge turnover and use of 3D?

There are several key benefits of using 3D and 3D modeling in the furniture design industry, from the designing process to the final purchase and customer experience.

1. Improved Product Development

While designing a new line of products there are a lot of changes from the client. With the use of 3D, the process that could take months is greatly reduced. In just a few clicks the designer can change the color, material, or some vital part of the design.

This also gives space for the designer to be more creative and try different materials, as well as approaches to the design. On top of that, the client can approve the finished design before sending it to the manufacturers and save time.

How 3D is Transforming the Furniture Design Industry

2. Faster Speed to the Market

Many furniture manufacturers overlook the time it takes for a product to reach the market. But a company that places its products right on time on the market, overtake even the most exclusive furniture manufacturers.

The use of 3D technology allows companies to quickly create a design, manufacture a prototype, and have it ready for the market.

Furthermore, with the use of 3D, a company can produce marketing materials faster since there is no need to wait for the finished product and then have the same product photographed. This allows the marketing team to create materials that will be used for the campaigns and beat other competitors on the market.

3. Better Visual Communication

Clients always like to know what it is that they are getting. That includes the look and the feel of the product.

With the use of 3D visualization, clients can experience the real product before making a final decision. On top of that, they are able to view the product in 360°, if the clients are purchasing it online, and make the necessary changes right there and then, instead of spending endless hours on phone calls or emails.

How 3D is Transforming the Furniture Design Industry

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Every business needs to keep up with the current market trends for its conversation rates to increase. And this is exactly where 3D comes in handy.

With the use of 3D rendering, e-commerce shops get a whole new dimension when shopping, which significantly increases conversion rates. This is because the potential customer gets to see exactly how the product looks like before buying it. Plus with the use of AR, the customer can place the product right in their apartment, or even try it on themselves (you can read more about AR in e-commerce here).

By using 3D and AR technology, customers experience in-store shopping right from the comfort of their homes. This remarkably increases the trust the potential customers build with the brand which increases the conversion rates.

Bottom Line

3D technology has definitely changed the furniture design industry by making it more accessible to customers, as well as reducing the costs of manufacturing. However, investing in 3D can be a bit more pricey in the beginning, but it definitely pays off in the longer run.

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