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January 18, 2022 - E-commerce

Advantage of 3D in E-commerce

Advantage of 3D in E-commerce

In the past few years, we have witnessed a huge growth in online shopping, and 3D in e-commerce has played a major role in this revolution. Despite 3D’s rise in the gaming industry, 3D has proven to be a major part of our daily lives, as well as something that makes our e-commerce experience better.

Although many small retailers are still using 2D images to showcase their products, many major brands including Shopify, Ikea, and Amazon have seen the potential of 3D modeling and have switched to this way of showcasing their products.

In this article, we explore the advantages of using 3D in e-commerce.

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2D vs. 3D

The biggest advantage of 3D modeling is having a real object to look at. With photographs, you only get to see an object from the perspective of the photographer; in other words - you don’t get to experience all the characteristics of the product.

On the other hand, 3D modeling lets the user play around with the object, see how the lighting behaves on the surface, zoom in and out, and even place the object in their home using AR (augmented reality) technology, which is available through the web on both iOS and Android phones. This is a major difference that influences the trust of the potential buyer and makes the experience on any e-commerce site more enjoyable. Not to mention that these are the key points that ultimately lead to higher profit.

3D is Time- and Cost-effective

Many retailers, whether being clothing stores or big furniture companies, have seen a huge benefit of using 3D models. Instead of going through an endless process of photoshoots, and photograph retouches, opting for a 3D model has proven time-efficient as well as cost-effective.

CG artists create one desired model and with just a few clicks are able to change the color, texture, and materials in 3D software. Meaning - there are no endless feedbacks, retouches, or photoshoots. Without question, this saves the time usually spent on the product being placed on the website, as well as the money spent on producing the desired images.

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Improved Visual Communication

Selling a product is all about communication. Clients want to see and experience the product in its entirety before making a purchase. With 3D modeling, clients can experience the product in 360° and sometimes even customize it themselves. For many clients, this is a must-have because they see exactly what they will get out of purchasing your product.

Going by the Amazon statistics, 3D configurators increase user engagement by 66%, and one can only think “How amazing is that?’’.

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Attracting New Demographics

Each business needs to keep up with the time and latest trends if they want to succeed. Having this in mind, it is important to think about younger demographics who make up most of the e-commerce market.

Millennials value connections, unique experiences, and personal touch. All of these are covered by using 3D - from a number of adjustable options (color, texture, material) - to being easily accessible and shared on social media.

3D is an Absolute Must-Have in E-commerce

3D models are definitely the game-changer in e-commerce. They eliminate the need for a physical product, endless photo shoots and create a fun and unique experience for any potential buyer.

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