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June 10, 2022 - E-commerce

3D commerce trends that are shaping 2022

3D commerce trends that are shaping 2022

The economy we knew before the pandemic has changed in two years more than it had over the 20 years course. These changes asked for a quick response. Retailers were looking beyond 2D product imagery to give customers a full online experience. The answer lies in implementing 3D technology into traditional strategies. 3D is a game-changer that made its entrance into various industries which needed innovative approaches. The impact of 3D animation and augmented reality really helped them upgrade users' experience.

Businesses that were able to adapt to digital platforms and e-commerce, thrived. On the other hand, traditional retailers with weak online strategies dwindled, with several prominent ones filing for bankruptcy.

According to Forbes magazine, Americans made a 55% increase in online shopping in only two years of the pandemic. It is expected that online buying will hit a record with $1 trillion.

The implementation of modern technologies - AR, 3D mapping, digital twin, VTO, synthetic data - are set to shape 2022 when it comes to commerce trends. Take a look at some of the most exciting.

Digital Twin

Digital twin is a virtual representation of an object that exists in the real world. It takes data from a physical object and transforms it into an algorithm which is then used to model the object.

NASA introduced the term digital twin in 2010. It was originally used to simulate the spacecraft and replicate space exploration missions. But now the use of digital twin has expanded further.

The simple way to explain the digital twin is in its usage in the 3D modeling of a real object in the digital world. For example, the 3D model of a bag is considered a digital twin of the real-life bag. The 3D model of the bag can be presented via ARTY 3D Product Viewer using a digital twin. The 3D Model Viewer can be used to view the status of the actual physical object, which provides a way to p project physical objects into the digital world.

3D commerce trends that are shaping 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) through 3D Model Viewer

AR is a combination of physical elements and the digital world. It coexists with the real environment by using 3D virtual images and putting them on top of the user's real scenes. The broader use of augmented reality, in 2022, will bring more immersive experiences to customers. Specific areas in the industry, such as furniture, home design, and department stores, should see further adoption of AR technology in 2022 and beyond. If an online store wants to display its products in 3D it can install an app like 3D Model Viewer. What makes today's technology so exciting is that it enables consumers to have more dynamic, personalized 3D experiences. Using highly accurate 3D images of products, enables customers to experience those products in context. This is highly popular for fashion, beauty, and home decor brands.

3D Mapping

3D mapping as the name says is a three-dimensional virtual representation of an area with the objects within. Technology in 3D mapping is generated by a computer. 3D mapping helps with analyzing ventilation, visibility and sunlight distribution between buildings. It is used for continuous monitoring and surveillance programs, and crisis intervention activities.

Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is data generated by a computer simulation. It is information that's artificially made by an algorithm, which is then used for data tests of an operation or production.

It mimics the real data which participates in creating scenarios for developments and experiments. It seems like an endless way of creating those scenarios, but keep in mind that synthetic data is able to mimic only specific data that simulates generic trends.

Synthetic data goes further as enabling to customize and personalize m3D objects. This can be presented best through the ARTY 3D Model Viewer, which allows you to change features of the 3D animated object synch as colors and materials.

3D commerce trends that are shaping 2022


Virtual try-on, also known as VTO, is pretty much self-explanatory. It allows customers to virtually try products such as shoes, clothes, glasses, accessories, jewelry, etc. VTO uses a camera and augmented reality (AR) to showcase how the product would look on you. Give your customers assurance of the products by presenting them through high-quality visuals and animation via ARTY 3D Model Viewer.

These trends are definitely here to stay. Their implementation in commerce will be of great significance in the years to come. More and more brands are valuing customers' experience so there is no doubt that these modern technologies won't stay, since they improve customers' journey in e-commerce. Our advice is to hop on the trends before they become mainstream.

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