We create interactive digital experiences that drive customer engagement

At Arty we strive to create immersive experiences that showcase our clients' products or services in interactive and useful way. Arty specializes in production of 3D models, high end photorealistic renders and augmented reality experiences.
We don't believe in "one size fits all" mentality and we have 3 teams, each specializing in their own domain - 3D modeling, Rendering and Augmented Reality.

Who is the team behind Arty?

We are the team of like-minded people, with a can-do attitude that never settle for "good enough", and here, together, we are building a company that inspires our creativity and makes us do great things together.

  • Igor Stojković

    Igor Stojković


  • Jean-Felix Tomasini

    Jean-Felix Tomasini

    Business Development Director

  • Christophe Van Deputte

    Christophe Van Deputte


  • Yannick Saillet

    Yannick Saillet

    Art Director

  • Dubravka Dugić

    Dubravka Dugić

    Head of Design


Our Work