We grow your business by delivering to you customers rich, immersive and interactive experiences.

Link your products and your customers like they have never been before. Dramatically Change your E-Commerce experience. Substantially Improve your Brand identity.

Arty room

We Bring your ideas into life by immersing your products in a new World.

Thanks to our 3D viewers, Room configurators the Augmented reality, our personalized Virtual showrooms, we Bring your products into life and deliver to your customers a new World of discoveries.

Arty is also a recognized specialist of creating 3D contents:

  • 3D modeling
  • Photorealistic rendering services
  • Immersive 3D Real Estate animations/Virtual tours

We analyze, we dream-up, we sublime, we are ARTY!

Arty heart

ARTY at your Service!

At Arty, we all share the same ideas.
Go beyond the technological barriers, never been satisfied today to build better tomorrow’s.
Quality is what drives our work and our wishes.
Our Team DNA: Inspiration, Imagination, but first of all Passion.

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  • Igor Stojković

    Igor Stojković


  • Jean-Felix Tomasini

    Jean-Felix Tomasini

    Business Development Director

  • Christophe Van Deputte

    Christophe Van Deputte


  • Yannick Saillet

    Yannick Saillet

    Art Director

  • Đorđe Knežević

    Đorđe Knežević

    Director of Development

  • Dubravka Dugić

    Dubravka Dugić

    Head of Design


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